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The Tech That Makes Net-Tell LLC Home Phone Service the Best

February 15, 2018

The advanced technology surrounding VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) has revolutionized home phone service in recent years. For the most part, it is because it makes it possible for any phone company to offer excellent phone service with a large number extra features at a really great price. It is easy to set up and it works just like regular phone service, except that it uses the Internet to route calls, which saves a lot of money. That is why Net-tell LLC customers save hundreds of dollars per year and it is also why the company has become a leader in the area of home phone service.

VoIP technology means Net-Tell LLC uses your existing broadband router to make calls, so the call quality will be excellent and everything will work the same as always, even though Net-Tell LLC saves a lot of money and happily passes that on. Customers use the same landline phone as always, and they dial numbers the same always. There is essentially no difference from service from the local phone company, even though they charge a flat monthly rate for all domestic calls and they include a whole lot of free services that many other local phone companies charge extra to receive, if available at all.